“Derek Perkins, whose narrator rating on Audible is consistently
near perfect, hails from the UK. His voice is both intimate and
intellectual, immediate and poetically lofty. In short, attending
his performance is a pleasure.”

The Prime Ministers

Audible Editor Reviews

“Perkins smoothly disappears into Langton’s quirky
characters,voicing each precisely and memorably.”

The Transcendental Murder

Booklist Review

“His facility with accents makes for an outstanding listening
experience. With verve and flawless pacing, Perkins displays
excellent storytelling skills.”

The Ways of the World

AudioFile Review

“What really makes this audiobook, however, is the narrator.
Derek Perkins does a fantastic job, and his smooth brogue
makes the audiobook irresistible. His reading of both the male
and female characters is well thought out and the shift from
male to female is very well done.”


Harlequin Junkies

A British Narrator with Impeccable Style

The Award-winning British Voice You’ve Been Looking For

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