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How to Become an
Audiobook Narrator

Today, audiobooks are attracting record numbers of listeners, and the industry continues to experience double-digit growth year over year. As the demand for audiobooks grows, more and more people are asking, “How can I become an audiobook narrator? Is it even possible?”

The short answer is YES! It is possible. And I’m living proof that you can make a living doing it. My name is Derek Perkins, and I’m an audiobook narrator.

To date, I’ve narrated over 270 audiobooks and have won numerous awards, including the coveted Audie, which is the industry’s equivalent to an Oscar.

“Novice narrators can really benefit from Derek’s advice and information as an actual working narrator who has navigated his way from interested to actually employed in the industry.”

Prompted by conversations with aspiring narrators, I wrote and published my Audiobook Narration Manual: How to Set Up a Home Studio, Find Work and Record Audiobooks for a Living.

It’s an easy-to- understand, yet detailed guide to earning money recording audiobooks. You’ll go through the process step-by- step—a process that will take you from volunteer reader to paid narrator.

“Emerging and professional home-studio narrators will benefit from Derek Perkins’ cogent overview of this experience. I heartily recommend this valuable resource.”

Learning to become an audiobook narrator really is possible. From this book, you will quickly learn how to…

  • Gain narrating experience at no to low cost
  • Set up an affordable home studio that produces excellent quality sound
  • Choose material for a demo and record it in your own studio
  • Create compelling marketing materials and know how to use them to gain clients
  • Master your recording software to optimize operations and maximize your earnings
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